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Emergency Response
We at Run/Walk For Life recognise the importance of identification in the event of you or one of your loved ones being injured, either during a regular RWFL session, OR at any other time. One is not able to control events that lead to an accident . . . . but with the Run/Walk For Life Emergency Response (RWFL ER) system, you CAN control what happens AFTER you or your loved ones have been involved in an accident, got lost or incapacitated.

Should you have an accident while exercising, the RWFL ER system provides almost instant medical information to the person who finds you, and provides the telephone number of the person who found you to two of your loved ones, who can get in contact with that person immediately. Within seconds, those close to you are notified.

How does it work?
All Run/Walk For Life members who run on roads will be wearing a bib and/or RWFL Shirt with their unique Membership Identification Number (MIN) on it.

If you have an accident, someone with you, or a person who finds you, at the scene of an accident, can SMS your unique MIN to the Run/Walk For Life Emergency Response (ER) which will immediately trigger off the following:

The person who found you will immediately receive an SMS detailing your name, medical aid, doctor and any allergic conditions
Two loved-ones or guardians, who you have previously selected to be added to our database, will receive SMSs saying that someone has sent an SMS requesting your medical details. The SMS will also contain the cellphone number of the person who found you, so that your loved-ones can get in touch with them immediately.
This system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is absolutely FREE to all Run/Walk For Life members.

How do I register for Run/Walk For Life Emergency Response?

Registration process
Enter the Run/Walk For Life Website: www.runwalkforlife.co.za
Enter the RWFL Log In
Enter the following:
PASSWORD: choose a password of your choice
The system will then ask you to verify the above details by entering your CELL PHONE NUMBER
As the PRINCIPAL member (the RWFL member), enter the details of the two people that you want notified in the event of an emergency, as well as the details of your Doctor and information on any allergies.
Capture the details of any dependants (up to 3, who need NOT be RWFL members ie: children etc): Once you have entered all of your details and those of any dependants, enter SUBMIT to have your details captured.
6. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with your (and those of your dependants) UNIQUE EMERGENCY NUMBER . SAVE this number in a safe place (such as your cell phone) as this is the number that is used to summons HELP. On your bib, or wrist band, you need to inscribe/display the following:
In case of Emergency, SMS HELP(space)YOUR UNIQUE NUMBER to 33280.

For Example, assume your unique number is 123456, you would display:

In case of Emergency, SMS HELP(space)123456 to 33280.

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