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Why Run/Walk For Life?
As winter started out in 2015, I decided it was time to take action and do something to improve my fitness.  I roped my mother-in-law in and we joined Run/Walk for Life.

In May 2015, I started off with Cheryl Kinnear, our Manager and Coach at Benoni Run/Walk for Life  branch, as a shy and somewhat overweight individual with low self-esteem and very low fitness levels. 

Starting out as a field member I began at a distance of 1.2 km. I stuck to my goals, determined that I would get better and slowly my fitness levels began improving, getting better week after week.

Then came the Fit Slim Challenge starting on the 1st of September 2015, Cheryl had spoken about it starting at our sessions but I did not think it was for me. During the last week of August, I woke up and decided … Time to change I e-mailed Cheryl immediately (no option to back out) and arranged to join the competition, not with the intention of winning the competition but purely for the motivation to get up and do something and take control.

On the 29th of August I was weighed and measured, (shock...horror… was this true?)… On the 1st of September I started my journey to success.  With Cheryl’s continuous support as well as fellow club member’s support and motivation, weekly weigh-ins started becoming enjoyable. I stuck to the healthy eating plan provided when I joined the program and could see the results week after week .

This was not a problem at all, the more I saw the results, the more motivated I became to stick to the program as well as to improve my walking. I made sure that I attended all my walking sessions, and made special arrangements for the one I could not attend to attend at another RWFL branch.  I stuck to my eating plan provided without deviating from this at all, I knew where I wanted to be and what I had to do to achieve this.

In total I had shed 17.5% body weight and I felt like a new person, energised and ready to take on the world. 
I can still recall the elated feeling when Cheryl contacted me to let me know I was the National Winner for the Challenge, the absolute pride I felt, as well as the pride and support of my family.

Thanks RWFL for my fantastic prize of 5 pairs of running shoes, I am starting out the New Year with a walk in my new Shoes……

Run/Walk for Life has Changed my life! I have done 3 x 10km races since November and am looking forward to the next one in January 2016.  I am able to comfortably walk between 5 – 10km at a session and have a renewed new passion for life.  The only time I am grumpy is when I cannot attend a session or it is cancelled due to weather. Benoni Run/Walk for Life has become like family to me, the members are supportive, friendly and it feels like a family.  I am much more confident not only in my personal capacity but in my career as well, I don’t feel like I have to hide in the shadows anymore.

Where to now? Well…
• I still have a couple of Kilos to lose to get to my ultimate goal
•  I still plan to do my first 21km race

But I now have a plan and a passion for this new healthy lifestyle and would highly recommend it to anyone to join TODAY, not only will you get fit, but you will also have a healthier happier lifestyle.

I would like to honour the friends that supported me with my moment … I know it’s a long read but this experience is something I will cherish for a lifetime, and I would love to share it with you!
A significant 9 months ago I sat on a ferry after my first full Marathon in Auckland and decided to use my qualifying time to enter for the Two Oceans 2011!  Little did I know the cost of preparing – training, pain, time, money, tiredness, niggles, tears and joys of preparing for an Ultra!  Despite the challenges there were very special moments – running two marathons with a very dear friend and coach, finishing the West Coast in 43 Degrees and meeting new people that would eventually join me on the Ultra.  I learned so much about life, running and myself.  I grew into a mature runner, my purpose for running changed from competing and impressing others to running for myself, competing with myself and tasting the reward of doing something that I once thought I would never be able to do.


To all those that say you are crazy , I was built for comfort, not for speed or the body was not designed to run that kind of distance , you are most probably right but let me tell you one thing, you will never know any greater experience and accomplishment in your life!


A Moooving Experience
 Craig Wood, RWFL, Kempton Park
I proudly completed the 
2 Oceans half marathon over the weekend. In a record time of 02:59:55. A successful sprint to the finish line with 5 seconds to spare earned me my medal. The torrential rains and Cow suite (For CHOC) didn’t help matters. The udders became heavy and the suite like cling wrap added to the challenge. It was painful and fun at the same time and I’ll certainly be back next year in my cow suite.
My objective when I joined Run Walk for life almost a year ago was to complete the two Oceans 21Km. My objective now is to do 10 of these painful endeavours. I’d like to thank you and the team for all the support thus far. This is not the end and I hope to see you shortly as I start training
for the next 9.

Craig Wood, RWFL, Kempton Park
Run/Walk For Life - More than just a place to get fit

RWFL Branch Manager Cheryl Kinnear and member Greer Swart.

My name is Greer Swart and I am 59 years old. On the 29th April 2006 I lost my youngest son in a car accident, two weeks before his 21st birthday. Read her story...

It is never just one thing
A lesson I have learnt from aviation is that, whatever happens, it is never because of just one thing. This appears to be true for running too, or at least it has been my experience these past 18 months.


Read More..

Martie and Johan walk-off 106kgs
Martie and Johan walk-off 106kgss
How do two people lose more than 106kg's between them and change from certified couch potatoes to fit and healthy individuals with full and  exciting lives?

You’re tired and work was exhausting, so you pick up pizzas for dinner. The family watches TV, slumped on the couch, and you give the kids sweets because they did their homework. It’s another day at the office and another evening staring at the box. You wish you had more energy. You wish you were thinner and healthier. Martie van Gass will look you in  the eye and tell you that you can be everything that you want to be, that  it’s about making conscious choices and changing your mindset.

The road to a healthy lifestyle
The road to a healthy lifestyles
In March, 2003, Krystof Zulawnik was medically boarded from the mine, at the age of 46. Disregarding his health he embarked on a life lacking in any form of exercise, bad eating and drinking habits.  In July, 2003, after a severe attack of double Pneumonia, Krystof gave up smoking, but still continued with his unhealthy lifestyle.

In September, 2003, he was hospitalized - the diagnosis being Thrombosis of the Right leg, and in 2004, for Thrombosis of the Left leg. For approximately 4 years, Krystof wore orthopaedic stockings, and had to have blood tests, (PI), weekly to determine the wafarin dosage, to keep the blood thin.  By this time Krystof had started picking up weight, reaching 128 kilos, and this for a man that weighed 78 kilos in 1989.  His blood pressure soared, blood sugar was very high as well as his cholesterol.  Krystof was also very vulnerable to catching colds and ‘Flu, this in addition to other physical conditions.

Wendy Coetzee : My first race...
Wendy Coetzee My first races
In an attempt to shed some weight and deal with a recent family bereavement, I Joined Run/Walk For Life on the 01/09/2009. After a slow and careful start walking on the school rugby field I was eventually given the go ahead to join the ‘senior’ members and graduate to walking on the road. What excitement! It felt like moving on from pre-primary to ‘big’ school at the ripe old age of 51 years. I ordered my reflective vest with glee and joined the group as we set off with our road leaders.

After three and a half months of circumventing the rugby field where I knew every blade of grass, it was another world altogether. One fraught with cars, dogs, cyclists and ……..potholes!

Stefan Kleynhans
About a month after joining I started getting pain down my right leg. One thing led to another and I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and operated on, on 8 April 2009. After the operation I spoke to my physio who told me that weight could have aggravated my back problems. The guy across from me had, had a fusion done and he also said that weight contributes to back problems. Lying there I made a commitment to myself that I would get serious about Walk for Life (part of the rehab after the back op is walking) and I would start eating correctly following the Eat for Life programme. At the time of the operation I weighed 131kg.

Craig Hinrichsen: From Fat to Fit
Craig Hinrichsen From Fat to Fits
Craig Hinrichsen: From Fat to Fit
Sport has always played an important part in my life. I started wrestling at the age of 4  and stopped in 2001. At school I participated in middle distance running, tennis,  cket, hockey rugby and swimming. After matriculating the rot began to set in and  social activities became more important than a healthy life style. It was then that my  body started to ex
Steven Vienings Road to Fitness.
Steven Vienings
I have been running on and off for 16 years. I initially started because my girlfriend (at that time) and her family were all runners – Comrades runners to boot.
As with most men, when we broke up, I invested my energy into my social life. To make matters worse, my chosen business is being a restaurateur, which obviously did not help, as booze and food are readily available. So, I ballooned to 135 kg and was smoking in excess of 40 cigarettes a day.