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Polokwane goes Comrades!
Dit als begin van die begin af waar jy 'n afrigter het wat belangstel in jou doelwit vir Comrades en jou dan daarvolgens oefen, raadgee en ondersteun.  Jy het jou hele klub agter jou al wat jy moet doen is om jou alles te gee met oefening.  Ten spyte van my wonderlike ervaring (met teëspoed en al) om my bronze te kon kry die jaar, was daar ñ spesifieke toneel wat my heeltyd by bly.  Read more...
Running the dream
It has always been a dream of mine to complete the Comrades Marathon after seconding both my father and husband along the route some 20 years ago, so when the entries opened on 1 November 2009 I entered, thinking that I would attempt the training and if I wasn’t ready for the race, I would withdraw.  My longest distance at that stage was 21km. Read more...
Cecelia Peer takes on the challenge
My sister did her first Comrades last year and I asked her if she thought I could do it. Also taking note that she is ten years younger than I am. She assured me that with the necessary training I could, so I decided that I would commit to this particular challenge that I had been thinking about for quite a while. I’m 56 years old, it would take a certain level of commitment and support, but I was enthusiastic. Read more...
Back to Back for Mr Moodley
Run Walk for Life member Peter Moodley has no athletic training or history and if told in August of 2004, when he first signed up for the RWFL program in Toti, that he would be on the road in 2009 and 2010, to compete in the Comrades Marathon, he no doubt would have thought it completely impossible. Read more...

Johan Conradie and Mr Moon tackles the Comrades
My buddy is deeply concerned that I am going to the underworld.
Halfway into Sunday’s Comrades I believed I had duly arrived. I had the most brilliant mentors: my buds Johan and Dave, and, as we all know, by the time Comrades came around, we were tragically down to just the two of us. It took guts for Johan to simply make the trip, but he had a friend – me -- who was keen on completing the “ultimate human race” Read more...
Tanya Caldwell's journey to the 2010 Comrades
On the 30 May 2010 I found myself packed into a holding pen with thousands of other hopeful novice Comrades runners.  As we fidgeted with our equipment, swapped stories of our rigorous training programs, compared note on distances run, I was struck by how diverse the crowd pressing round me was and yet how comfortingly familiar and just like me they all were. Read more...
Nadia Coetzee and the long walk
Never in my widest dreams did I think I was capable of something as big as the Comrades Marathon.  For years however I joked that I would like to do it before I turned 40. Read more...