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Medical Benifits of RWFL.
“When I joined Run/Walk 13 years ago my cholesterol was 7.4.   It is now 4.6,  without Drs medication.

My resting pulse was between 82 and 84 and is now between 62 and 64.   My blood pressure is 110/70.

At the beginning of this month after our annual check-up my Dr suggested that I have a bone density test seeing as I am 67 going on 68 and never having had one before.   Well the outcome was fantastic.   My hips were 20% better than what they would expect from someone my age and my spine was 10% better than expected for my age.   The lady doing the test said that exercise was so very important to maintain dense healthy bones.

So - THANK-YOU Run/Walk for Life.   I will hopefully continue to walk for many years to come.

With very best wishes,
Veronica Arnold.   (Somerset West Branch)