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My First Session
A core component of the Run/Walk For Life program is that it is a non-threatening program, designed to accommodate people of ALL ages, fitness levels and size. 
The manner in which this is achieved, is that members will exercise in groups of SIMILAR ability and fitness level.  You will NOT be made to exercise with people or in groups who will either push you to hard or not enough . . .you will exercise within groups of similar ability and fitness level to yourself.  So, whether you are over 70 or under 15 years of age, are fit or VERY unfit, are thin or VERY overweight,  you will be surrounded by people who are just the same as you are!

To ensure that you are allocated to and prescribed a level of exercise which is right and appropriate for YOU, the following procedure will be followed at your first session:

1.Before you even start any exercising, your Run/Walk For Life manager will discuss with you the foundation of the program, how it works, what you can expect from it and what you are going to be doing in the next few sessions.  This will ensure that you are comfortable with how the program works, and will reduce any levels of insecurity and worry of getting into a new exercise program.
2.You will be required to fill in a MEDICAL SCREENING form.  This will allow our trained staff to identify any underlying medical conditions which may affect your ability to exercise and your specific exercise prescription;
3.Your current level of fitness (or lack thereof!!) will be established.  This is done by means of a very simple and basic fitness test.  This test can take as little as 6 minutes, and will allow your manager to allocate you to an appropriate exercise group.  The fitness test is VERY simple and easy to do, and is designed for member of ALL ages and fitness levels.  The test has been designed and is based on research making it safe and manageable for people of ALL ages (even members over 80), fitness levels and weight.  The test will NOT make you sore and will NOT overexert you . . . . it is VERY manageable.
4.On establishing your fitness level and medical status, you will be allocated to a fitness group appropriate to you (Level).    Included here will be your PERSONAL exercise prescription, including duration of exercise as well as suggested heart rate in which to safely exercise.

Being an exercise program, clothing which is exercise appropriate is suggested.This would include:

1.Comfortable running/walking shoes/Sneakers.  If you do not have any sneakers, the manager of the branch will provide you with advice on appropriate footwear;
2.Comfortable and relatively loose fitting pants and shirt (these can be either long or short);
3.If it is cold, layers of clothing are best suited, as they can be removed as your core temperature rises during exercise.